What Are The Warning Signs Of AC Problems

Warning Signs Of AC Problems

On an exceptionally hot day, a functional air conditioning system is the difference between great comfort and extreme discomfort. Sadly, most people don’t pay attention to the warning signs, and by the time they figure out that the AC system is not working, it’s too late.

Rather than waiting until the system actually breaks, it’s much easier and makes more sense to watch for the warning signs of an impending AC system failure. Repairs for air conditioning systems can be very costly, which is why preventive maintenance makes much more sense.

Reduced Cooling Performance

One of the warning signs of an impending AC system failure is reduced performance. Someone who has owned an AC system for at least one year should be able to tell if their system is not performing optimally. Taking substantially longer to cool a room and sounding like it’s working harder are two examples that would indicate an AC system has lost performance.

Continual Operation

An AC system should only be running when cooling needs haven’t been met. Before a room or home has been cooled to the desired temperature, it’s natural for an air conditioning system to run continuously.

However, if the system runs continuously after the home has been sufficiently cooled, this is a warning sign that the system is in trouble. Also, if cooling needs are low and the system runs almost constantly, then this is a warning sign.

Excessive Noise

After owning an air conditioning system for a decent amount of time, it’s quite easy to determine if the system is producing excess noise. Homeowners get used to the natural amount of noise that an AC system produces. If excessive or unusual noises are being produced by either the outdoor or indoor AC unit, this is a warning sign.

Burnt Fuses

Another warning sign is burnt fuses. If the fuses that control the AC unit keep shorting out, then this is a sign that the system might need help. In some cases, the system might turn off and on very frequently, which is another warning sign.

Decreased Airflow

After owning an air conditioning system for one year or longer, it becomes quite easy to gauge how much airflow the system produces. Many systems have ventilation that leads to a home’s bathroom, and this is a great place to check for reduced airflow.

It’s also the location in a home where it’s easiest to gauge how much airflow the system produces when it’s healthy. However, homeowners should only consider reduced airflow to be a warning sign when the airflow has decreased substantially.

Water Leaks

A very easy warning sign to look for is leaking water. When an AC unit might need repairs, there is a good chance that it will leak water. Another clue would be ice forming on various areas of the unit.

It’s also important to watch for refrigerant leaks. If an air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, then there is a very good chance that it needs repairs. Although it’s rather easy to ignore many of these small warning signs, paying close attention to them can prevent further damage and costly repairs.

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