What Are The Signs Of An AC Motor Problem

Signs of an AC Fan Motor Problem

Air conditioners are something every home in South Florida needs to keep away the heat of the summer months. These systems are well made but complex; they can have a problem from time to time, and it is important to know the signs of a malfunction and to remedy it as soon as you can.

Fan Motor Trouble

An air conditioner can fail if any number of its parts has a problem; fan motor malfunctions are very common. Fortunately, it’s easy to diagnose a fan motor problem. If you believe your air conditioner has this problem, it’s important to get it fixed by a professional since it could be dangerous to try and repair it yourself.

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You’ll know there is a definite problem with your air conditioner if the fan shuts off before it has finished the cooling cycle. There are a number of reasons why the fan could be shutting off. Faulty wiring in the motor or a short can be a cause of this malfunction. Other potential causes include circuit breaker problems or trouble with a fuse. If the air conditioner’s fan isn’t working, you should call a professional to fix it.

Lack of Proper Airflow

Another major sign of fan motor problems is a lack of sufficient airflow. If your air conditioner’s fan is spinning, but there is no cold air circulating, that means the fan motor is not working properly and cannot muster the strength to make the fan circulate air properly. This usually happens to older fans that are worn down with age. An older fan motor will eventually be unable to operate correctly and must be replaced. If your air conditioner is new, the problem could be related to loose screws or an obstruction. An air conditioner that isn’t properly circulating air needs to be fixed in order to cool your house well again.

AC is Making Loud Noises

Another sign of a potential fan motor problem is excess noise. Air conditioners generally make little noise, so if you find your AC is making strange or unfamiliar noises, or if it is just being very loud, that can indicate a problem. Loud noises may mean a component of the fan or a piece of debris is clanging against the motor. Although it may be possible to remove the source of the noise, it is safest for you and your air conditioner if you call a professional. They can remove the problem without damaging the AC.

Another possible cause of excess noise is a mechanical problem with the fan motor. Air conditioners are life savers in the hot months of summer, and they keep your house at a comfortable temperature. If a problem with the fan motor develops, the air conditioner loses its ability to work properly, and you will need to call a professional for assistance. Excess noise, improper air circulation, and a fan that will not work all point to a problem with the fan motor and the need for repairs.

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