Some Great Tips To Lower Your AC Bill

Tips To Lower Your Air Conditioner BillLower Your Air Conditioner Power Bill

Even with the cost of rising utility bills, you may be tempted to run your air conditioner at high blast during a heat wave. However, turning your cooling unit down just one degree can raise your electric bill by 5 percent. This doesn’t mean that you need to be stuck in a sweltering house, as there are many ways to keep your home cool this summer.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Just like in winter, a well insulated home will continue to help keep the outdoor elements out, and the indoor elements in. By properly insulating attics and crawl spaces, you may be able to reduce energy bills by 20 percent. Cooled air can also leak from the house through cracks around window and door frames. By easily caulking up the cracks or adding weatherstripping, you’ll also help your AC keep your home cooler.

Use Shade to Naturally Cool Your Home

Sunshine streaming through windows can substantially heat a home. By adding light colored curtains on windows and keeping them closed during the day can lower your electric bill even further. If you live in an area that is always sunny, sun screens that are installed on window exteriors can be utilized to help deflect direct sunlight. If you like being able to see the beautiful sun outside, placing trees in strategic places outdoors also offer shade for your home during the during the day.

Make More Use of Fans

Installing a whole house fan can help regulate the temperature inside without running the AC. During the cool mornings, the house fan will pull the outside air into the home. At night, the stuffy inside air can be pulled out to be replaced by the cooler outdoor air. Whole house fans can be expensive, but ceiling fans and box fans can also help cool the home by pushing warm air out open windows.

Request A Free EstimateKeep Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Condition

If your air conditioner is not kept in good condition, the harder it has to work to keep the air in your home at the temperature you desire. The harder it has to work, the more your electric bill will be. Changing the air filters every month will help keep your AC running the way it should. Further, a professional should be brought in once a year to give your cooling unit a tune-up to make sure it is working properly and running efficiently.

Even though up to half of your energy bill is caused by running the air conditioner, you still don’t need to forgo your AC to lower your bills. By following these easy tips, you’ll have a comfortable summer without an outrageous energy bill. By improving your home’s insulation, adding curtains and trees, giving your AC a break by using fans and keeping your cooling unit in excellent working conditions with the help of a professional will help to keep your power bills reasonable and your family comfortable all summer long.

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