Some Common Reasons Your AC Freezes

Common Reasons Your AC Freezes

A frozen AC can be a serious problem. Aside from the fact that the system will stop treating air, a frozen AC is an indication that expensive repairs could be needed.

Although air conditioning has revolutionized comfort for residential and commercial structures, especially in the hottest areas of the world, an AC system is essentially useless when frozen. It’s an even worse situation when the AC freezes on a very hot day. However, there are a few different reasons why an AC system ends up frozen.

Not Enough Airflow

A common reason why an AC unit becomes frozen is not enough airflow. Inside of an AC unit, there are air filters. If these filters become clogged, obstructed or collapsed, airflow becomes restricted.

Another way that airflow could become restricted is if the system is using air ducts that are undersized. It’s the restriction of airflow that causes the system to freeze. Dirt that has accumulated on evaporator coils is another way that airflow can become restricted.

Refrigerant Issues

Another cause for a frozen AC system is unbalanced refrigerant. When the refrigerant level inside of the system’s coil is too low, it’s almost impossible for heat absorption. When the system cannot efficiently absorb heat, the air conditioner can end up frozen.

An AC system uses refrigerant to remove heat from all of the air that circulates through the system. Once the system’s refrigerant level becomes too low, the system will need to work much harder to continue producing cold air, which can cause the system to freeze.

Although it’s possible for a homeowner to refill their AC system alone, it’s a much better idea to hire professionals to do it. A licensed technician will be able to refill refrigerant without damaging any of the system’s components.

Temperature Changes

In many areas of the world, frequent and dramatic temperature changes take place. When outdoor temperatures drop quickly and dramatically, it can cause an AC system to freeze.

Unfortunately, there is really no way to predict when this problem will arise. However, when temperatures begin to drop, homeowners can simply turn off their AC system, which will help to prevent it from becoming frozen.

Although it might not seem like a serious problem, a frozen air conditioner can cause damage to system components. If an AC system is freezing constantly, there is a chance that serious damage can been caused to system components. For all frozen AC problems and questions, it’s essential to contact professional technicians.

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