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Most homeowners are aware that indoor air can possess pollution in several forms. Bad air can also be present inside the home. This can take the form of dust, mites, pollen and other containment debris that collect in the supply and return air ducts in heating and cooling systems. If water or moisture has collected, it heightens the presence of mold, mildew and spores which can pose health risks. This is where a duct cleaning can prove successful in removing such particulate matter by reducing the health hazards and promoting better flow-through characteristics. Tri County AC Repair out of South Florida are experts at duct inspection and cleaning. Tri County AC repair also includes inspection and thorough cleaning of the supplemental components, such as the registers (vents), diffusers, grilles, cooling coils, condensate drain pans and heat exchangers.

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Over time, heating and cooling air ducts collect residue from dust and other debris on their inside surfaces, effectively reducing the air flow volume that must pass through unimpeded. Sometimes these build-ups produce obstructions in the form of partial clogs, or in the case of floor registers, obstructions caused by falling debris—objects such as hair, mud, lint and even toys or other objects. A thorough duct cleaning which includes registers, grilles, condensate pans, heating and cooling coils, exchangers and diffusers will remove these obstructions and permit smooth and full airflow through the duct. This also provides even heating or cooling throughout all rooms as a result of a pressure balance in the entire system. Fan blades can accumulate large amounts of debris which can actually reduce the airfoil speed and balance, taxing the electric motor. When the debris weight is removed, the rpm on the motor and blade increase naturally without a higher power setting. This reduces wear and tear on the components.

I Live In South Florida – Why Duct Cleaning?

Harmful contaminants, like spores, mildew, mites, mold, pollen and animal dander can cause or worsen respiratory problems and promote allergies if the buildup within the ducts are heavy. These microscopic biological organisms directly affect the air quality of not only the regular home inhabitants, but can pose more serious problems for the very young and aged persons who might have existing respiratory afflictions. Mice and rats have been known to make nests in air supply ducts; they carry lice and leave excrement behind that can cause allergic reactions. Although it has not been proven that a normal buildup of pollutant particles are the sole reason for bad household air quality since most particles adhere to the duct walls, with constant recycling of the motor the initial airflow surges can knock them loose and allow them to travel into the living airspace. Any agitation of the duct piping can also allow particles to dislodge and travel into the living quarters.

How do you Know you Need Duct Cleaning?

Obvious signs of duct contamination can sometimes be sudden and affect all family members or visitors to your home. This can result in unexplained or unusual symptoms related to breathing and other illnesses that appear suddenly. Checking with your doctor will either confirm or dismiss the possibility of air quality associated issues. Foul odors, like that of mold, feces and urine, or biological decay coming from the vents and grilles is reason enough to have a thorough duct inspection. Obvious signs of accumulated dust and debris in and around the vents and service covers will tell you how long it has been since a scheduled service.

Who Provides Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning services are provided by licensed and certified companies who specialize in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services. These companies are found in the yellow pages, online, mailing fliers or by direct television advertizement. Listings of company locations can be found in the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) also has additional information, but more specific to air quality. It is important that the service company have available references or testimonies that will allow you to make a qualified decision. The best companies have been in business for five years or more and have a proven track record of successful duct cleaning service and customer satisfaction. Ask about the use of specialized chemical biocides which are intended to kill fungi and bacteria that might be used during the service. Most chemical biodcides are not recognized by the EPA, and there are some instances where they are approved, so you will have to make an informed decision on whether to use them or not. As a safeguard, contact your local consumer affairs or Better Business Bureau to find out if the company has had customer complaints lodged against them, or if they have a history of lawsuits and misconduct.

Duct cleaning technicians use specific agitating brushes that remove debris from the inner duct walls and other system components. They have specialized high-powered vacuum cleaners that pick up and trap the loose debris, removing it entirely from the premises. Every step of the cleaning process is carried out in the most safe and hygienic manner.

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