Common Air Conditioning Performance Issues

Air Conditioning Performance Issues

Having access to an air conditioner in the summer can mean the difference between unbearable heat inside the home and a comfortable season, but even the best air conditioners can outstay their welcome in the average home. Each year brings new advancements within the world of air conditioning technology and systems that might only be a decade old become highly inefficient when compared to newer machines.

Although upgrading to a new air conditioner can represent significant savings in energy costs and offer greater overall efficiency of cooling within the home, improving performance of existing air conditioners isn’t impossible. The key involves knowing when an air conditioner has started to malfunction or offer less efficiency and how those common issues may be fixed.

The first line of defense against degraded performance is a yearly inspection from a local air conditioning service technician or company. Often the best time of year to arrange such a visit is during the spring before the air conditioner is going to be used in any sizeable amount and can be serviced before the heat of summer.

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Some of the common problems that will hinder the performance of an air conditioner may include:

1. Leaking or low refrigerant

A leaky air conditioner is going to be inefficient and dangerous and should this problem exist, the unit will need to be serviced immediately. A leak is something that might not be immediately apparent, and this is one of the problems that a yearly inspection can prevent or catch at an early stage.

2. Clogging of the drain line

An air conditioner may be connected to a home’s plumbing system as the moisture produced by the system during regular use must drain from the property in some way. Over time, the drainage area for the air conditioner can become clogged and may require a flush.

3. Old or dirty filters

Many air conditioners will have a disposable filter that should be replaced on a monthly basis and most home owners won’t bother with such frequent replacement, which invariably leads to enormous inefficiencies in the air conditioner’s ability to cool. Dirty filters result in terrible indoor air quality and bigger energy bills.

4. Leaky ductwork in the home

Throughout a home, the air conditioner may have ductwork that lines various ceilings or floor areas and these are spots that shouldn’t need too much attention over time, but which may settle and leak after a number of years have passed. Duct leaks are particularly common with older systems and this area of the machine should be inspected often.

5. Condenser and evaporator coil issues

Some of the advanced technology within an air conditioning system will be the evaporator coil and the condenser coil and these two items may require cleaning on an occasional basis. Both types of coils can become blocked by dirt and dust, which can substantially lower air conditioning power and performance.

A final note on air conditioning technology:

An overwhelming number of service calls are made each year because a breaker has tripped in the house and the home owner doesn’t realize it. Before assuming that an air conditioner is broken, a trip to the circuit breaker is advisable.

Air conditioners have a number of complex moving parts and are systems that are often under a lot of strain from home owners. With regular servicing and knowledge of what problems may exist, a home owner can keep his system working well for many years.

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