Air Conditioning Installation

Expert Air Conditioning Installation South Florida

South Florida is no place for experiencing air conditioner failure. Repairing or replacing a unit is about the most important thing to do when there is no cool air available in the middle of summer. You can wait days trying to get the service you need right now, but you don’t have to wait any longer.

Get Your AC Unit Installed Right The First Time

Tri County AC Repair has been one of the most reliable air conditioning repair and installation companies in South Florida for years. Our professionally trained technicians are experts in service, repair, and installation for all major brand appliances and air conditioning units. At Tri County AC Repair, you are assured the fastest service at the lowest prices because we identify the customer as the most important part of our business. Our reputation for the highest quality service was not gained by poor workmanship. We are proud of our dedication to satisfaction and will make sure your installation or repair is done well above industry standards.

South Florida Is No Place For An Air Conditioner MELT DOWN!

The weather in South Florida is balmy and can be uncomfortable, especially on those long hot summer days. To help prevent that untimely breakdown of your air conditioning unit, yearly servicing can identify current and potential problems that can make the equipment operate inefficiently. Dirty clogged filters and ductwork, mold buildup on condensers, coils and vents, electrical corrosion and motor noise can signal trouble for a unit. Our professionals at Tri County AC Repair can exam and detect problem areas before they advance to an air conditioning failure. Preventative maintenance saves money in the long run from costly repairs that could have been avoided with proper care.

Air Conditioner Installation Is Not An Easy Job

If a new unit is required, the right installation procedure will insure years of uninterrupted service from the equipment. But, if improperly installed, the unit can cause problems from the start and could become dangerous for the homeowner. Units using lines for natural gas or propane have to be handled by qualified personnel, and electrical wiring applications must follow area code requirements for safety. Fire hazards and dangerous gas leaks are not something you worry about when professional installation and repairs are done by our qualified professionals. Duct-work servicing to keep the installation airtight is an important element to air conditioning efficiency and energy savings. Each job is different and versatile technicians have to adjust to the job requirements. Our friendly team of installers have the years of experience and training to provide the necessary service demand for each individual installation situation.

South Florida AC Repair Experts – We Fix All Brands Of Air Conditioner Units

Today’s modern air conditioning units not only cool, they control the humidity and provide air quality improvement. They are usually monitored by computer electronics and technologically advanced thermostats that can be manipulated by remote control or home automation applications. This makes air conditioning installation a job for professionals who understand the intricate functions available on the different units. Our technicians at Tri County AC Repair make sure your new air conditioning unit is functioning at the manufacturers designed requirements for all its available options and applications. Remember to let us set up a regular maintenance servicing schedule to ensure the new unit reaches and surpasses its normal service life and avoid those unit failures.

Best Air Conditioning Installation In South Florida

An efficient running air conditioning unit begins with the correct installation and continues with dependable, quality servicing. We provide you with the confidence that you will never be without cool air when the weather is hot in South Florida. Tri County AC Repair is the only air conditioning service company you’ll ever need because we do the job fast, we do the job affordably for you, and we do the job right the first time every time.